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KLTA Study Guide

Kansas Land Title Association compiles, publishes and sells a comprehensive study guide called Evidencing Kansas Land Titles.  This study guide is intended both as a training aid for new employees in the land title business and as a source of information for those who need additional background. In addition, although it is not an all-inclusive study guide for the exam, Evidencing Kansas Land Titles is an excellent preparation for taking the Kansas abstract licensing exam given by the Kansas Abstracters Board of Examiners.  The book is reviewed and updated regularly to accommodate the changing laws and procedures of the business.

Following is a list of the Chapter titles:
  1. What is Real Estate?
  2. Describing Real Property
  3. Types of Real Property Ownership
  4. Land Use Control
  5. Transferring Real Estate Title
  6. Closings
  7. Mortgages, Judgments, and Other Liens
  8. Abstracting
  9. Title Insurance
  10. Abstracting Oil and Gas
  11. Bankruptcy
  12. Professional Responsibility
Copies can be obtained by sending

$40.00 (KLTA Members) or
$100.00 (Non KLTA Members)

which includes, taxes, shipping and handling.

It is very important to include your phone number and complete mailing address of where you want the book delivered.

To Order, please make checks payable to:

KLTA Study Guide

and mail to:

7321 N.W. Rochester Road

Topeka, KS 66617

Executive Secretary
Shawn Herrick
7321 N.W. Rochester Road
Topeka, KS 66617

She can provide you with the necessary forms and answer any questions you may have.

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