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KLTA Code of Ethics
revised August 12, 2005

version prior to August 12, 2005

From The Kansas Dept. of Insurance:

1) We have had a change recently in our policy regarding open records requests.  You can no longer submit your open records requests by sending in a letter, fax or email. 

All open records requests must be submitted through the Open Records Request link on the KID home page. When you click on the link, open the General Open Records Request Form link and fill it out with the required information.  Remember to be specific regarding what you want copies of, and send it to us. The requests will be logged and routed to me, and we will handle them like we always did from that point on.

2)  There has been some recent confusion regarding Department Bulletin 2007-9 regarding paperless filing. This Bulletin states that after December 10, 2007, we will no longer accept paper filings for rates or forms.  Such filings must be made through NAIC’s SERFF system.

This Bulletin applies ONLY to insurance companies, NOT to agencies.  The underwriters are now required to make all filings electronically, but there has been no change in how the agents and agencies file their rates.  Recently, a title agency apparently misunderstood this Bulletin and attempted to file their rates and charges electronically through SERFF.  This resulted in unnecessary expense for the Agency and some confusion, as the system is not set up to accept filings from non-underwriter/insurance company entities.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Marty Hazen at (785) 296-3405 or mjhazen@ksinsurance.org.


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